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Refer a friend

Refer a friend and you could
receive up to $500 cash as a gift!


It's quite simple, Batitech will reward anybody who refers a customer who completes a project.


This reward is cumulative for each reference in 24 months and is calculated as follows:


First reference / project completed  = $250

Second reference / project completed = $300

Third reference / project completed = $350

Fourth reference / project completed = $425

Fifth reference / project completed = $500


Each reference must be made before delivery of the project by filling out the form below to qualify. Identify yourself and refer us to your friend.



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Referred friend

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It pays to refer with Batitech!


Once transmitted, the reference will be validated and redirected to the sales advisor concerned. Payment of the reward will be in the month following the delivery of the project to the customer. Only one reference is allowed for each eligible project. You must include your full contact details and those of the person you recommend.

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