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Factory-built homes are prefabricated in a factory, under ideal working conditions. This means materials are protected from the weather and workers can devote themselves fully to their tasks. Batitech houses are also distinguished by the speed of assembly on-site and by the superior quality of their construction.

Even though homes are being built faster, we don’t compromise on quality or customer service.

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It’s a house whose components have been cut and prefabricated in the factory. The components are then delivered and assembled on the construction site, which greatly speeds up the time spent by workers on-site. It is an extremely efficient construction method that greatly reduces lead times, but also the environmental impact of new homes.

Our site contains a section entirely dedicated to our achievements. Since our foundation, hundreds of houses have been proudly built by our team! Depuis notre fondation, ce sont des centaines de maisons qui ont été fièrement bâties par notre équipe!

Batitech does not sell any land. However, our advisors will be able to inform and guide you in finding land to build the house or chalet of your dreams, while respecting your budget and your needs.

Definitely! Our advisors will be happy to welcome you to show you around our facilities in Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac. Contact us to schedule a visit!

Absolutely! The catalogue of our models contains a host of chalet plans that you can customize according to your needs.

Plans and designs

All the house and chalet plans in our catalogue are customizable, according to your needs and your budget.

Sure! We can manufacture and deliver custom panels for your project.

Costs and financing

By selecting the plan you are interested in from our catalogue, you will be able to see the starting price of each purchase option.

The prices indicated in the catalogue represent the basic costs to be expected for the construction of the models. Contact our team to obtain a precise quote for the realization of your project.

Prices vary according to the purchase option chosen and according to the items added to your quote. Your adviser will be able to send you a table indicating the various costs to be expected for your project. You can then refer to it to detail the total construction cost of your new home.

Construction and delivery

Generally, after the signing of the purchase contract, the installation work will begin on-site between six and eight weeks. If the foundations are ready to receive the structure of the house, we can sometimes assemble the floors, the walls and the roof in less than 24 hours. Depending on the purchase option chosen, the exterior and interior finishing work can be completed in a few days.

Yes! Batitech is one of the leaders in the construction of prefabricated commercial buildings in Canada. We have developed high quality standards and innovative construction methods, adapted to the northern climate.

With our flexible purchasing options, you decide which jobs you want to do yourself. With the Master at home option, Batitech delivers insulated exterior walls with windows, interior walls, floors, roof trusses, as well as all other materials chosen with your advisor. You have the option of installing your project yourself or entrusting the work to our team.

The deadlines vary from one project to another, in particular according to the location and the size of the building to be constructed. To find out more about the deadlines to be expected, contact one of our advisers.

Obviously! The Batitech team will always be available to support you throughout your project. A person will assist you on the site to explain the order of assembly, and the right technique to use to optimize the tightness of the house. This person will not take part in the work, but will answer all your questions at no additional cost.

Regardless of the purchase option chosen, the components of your pre-built home are delivered when you are ready to proceed with assembly. The materials thus remain well protected from the weather and they do not clutter your site before you need them.

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