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The Batitech Privacy Policy is applicable to all websites of the Batitech group of companies (collectively “Batitech”) and residually to all situations where a Batitech entity collects and retains data. By accessing any of the Batitech websites, you accept the Batitech Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the Batitech Privacy Policy, please do not proceed further on any of the Batitech websites. This Batitech Privacy Policy has precedence over any and all former privacy policies.

Our privacy practices may vary among the countries in which we operate to reflect local practices and legal requirements. For further details about our local practices, please refer to the privacy pages of our locally operated websites.

We have tried to keep the Batitech Privacy Policy as simple as possible in order for it to remain intelligible and accessible. If you are unfamiliar with terms that we use, such as “cookies”, “IP address” and “browser”, or if you have any questions regarding Batitech’s privacy practices or regarding the content of the Batitech Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us. Your privacy matters to Batitech and we invite you to take the time to get to know our practices.

The websites of Batitech or its affiliated companies are as follows:


Our territory of operation being limited to Canada, mainly in the province of Quebec, our practices regarding the protection of personal data will be uniform throughout Canada and will follow the provisions published by the company which must comply with law 25 of the province of Quebec.

We have tried to keep Batitech’s Privacy Policy as simple as possible so that it remains intelligible and accessible. If you are unfamiliar with the terms we use, such as “cookies”, “IP address” and “browser”, or if you have any questions about Batitech’s privacy practices or the content of the Policy of confidentiality of Batitech, do not hesitate to contact us. Your privacy is important to Batitech and we invite you to take the time to learn about our practices.

1. Batitech and personal data

Batitech is not in the business of personal data; therefore, Batitech will not analyse or process your data beyond what is necessary to offer you high quality services and products. This means that we do NOT use your data to monitor or profile you beyond what is necessary for our activities.

2. The data we collect

We may ask you to provide certain data when you purchase our products and services and we will automatically collect certain data when you use Batitech websites. Essentially, we will collect and store data as necessary to provide our products and services to you or as required by law. The collection of your data and the use of technological processes to do so, where appropriate, always aims to enable us to better serve you and to help you manage and improve the usability of our websites and your experience in as a customer of Batitech and/or as a user of our websites.

3. Champ d'application

At any time, you can choose not to provide all or part of the data requested and we fully respect this choice. However, this may mean that we will not be able to provide you with access to the requested websites, services and/or products to their full capacity, or even in full.

Finally, please note that we will never ask for sensitive personal data on our websites such as information relating to race or ethnicity, political opinions, religion or other beliefs, health, various insurance numbers, etc. Likewise, we do not need data regarding children. 

3.1 Les données que nous recueillons auprès de vous

Most of the services, including access to the Websites, and products we offer, require that we collect only a limited amount of data. In such cases, we will ask you to provide us with your name, a means of contacting you (such as a telephone number or email address), and, if applicable, applicable payment details and a mailing or other address. form of means of geolocation linked to the delivery of products or the execution of services.

If you subscribe to one of our newsletters or request to receive marketing materials and information about our products and services, we will need your name, an email address and details of your interests so that we can provide relevant information. The same data will be required if you request more information about our products and services during “offline” events or situations such as trade shows or if you contact us by telephone.

If you are a current or potential business partner, we collect basic data about the people we communicate with, such as their names, titles and contact information.

If you apply to Batitech, we will collect data that you provide to us through our websites or otherwise, such as your resume and forms you may complete.

Through our websites, we collect basic data that is typically collected through websites, such as your browser and device data, your IP address, information collected through cookies and, if location features of your device are enabled, you may send us location data. Like most companies, we use cookies on our websites. In some cases, we may use third-party analytics services such as Google Analytics, which services may also use cookies and similar technologies to collect data (including IP addresses) to evaluate usage and usage. interaction with websites and their functionality.

Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, is the provider of the Google Analytics service. Google Analytics uses cookies. The information generated by the cookie about the use of the Batitech websites, if any, is usually transmitted to a Google server in the United States and stored there. Google is committed to complying with applicable privacy regulations and Google is registered with the Privacy Shield program of the United States Department of Commerce.

3.1.1 Cookies

Cookies are small text files stored locally in the cache of the website user’s Internet browser. They are used to make our websites more user-friendly, more efficient, more secure and to measure the use of our websites. You can specify the acceptable settings for cookies in your browser yourself. For more details we invite you to consult our cookie management policy.

3.2 Les données que nous recevons d'autres sources

We may receive your data through our partners when you purchase our products or services from these partners, in particular when Batitech is responsible for the performance of the products and services, the delivery of the products or the application product-related warranties. In these situations, our partners will provide us with your name, a way to contact you (such as a telephone number or email address), and information necessary to deliver the products or provide the services, such as a mailing address or other form of geolocation information.

If you apply for a position at Batitech and the position warrants it, we may also collect publicly available data, such as data you make available on social media.

Additionally, if you choose to interact or subscribe to our social media pages, certain public data from your social media account may be shared with us.

4. How we use the data

  • We use your data to provide you with our products and services as efficiently as possible. More specifically, we may use your data in order to:
  • Communicate with you, in particular to answer your questions and requests for information and to adapt this communication to your situation;
  • Contact you in connection with the products and services you purchase, in particular for security and maintenance reasons as well as for follow-up purposes;
  • To process and fulfill your order, including delivery and on-site fulfillment, and to communicate the status of your order;
  • Create, administer and communicate with you about your account (including the event log for your products);
  • To keep you informed about our products, services, events, promotions and marketing communications, if applicable;
  • To give you access to online services and features;
  • Evaluate your job applications and advance and possibly complete the hiring process;
  • Develop new products, services and processes or improve current products, services and processes, conduct market research and optimize our marketing and communications practices and management of our websites;
  • Protect our customers and our business from risks and unlawful acts, including by verifying your identity when necessary for security reasons
  • Comply with applicable laws, requirements, standards and policies.

We may also use your data for additional purposes, which we will identify at the time of collection.

  • The legal basis for Batitech processing your data will generally be that we have a legitimate business interest in doing so. In other cases, the legal basis for processing your data will be one of the following:
  • The performance of a contract with you or a relevant party
  • Obtaining your consent (in which case you can withdraw it at any time); Or
  • Compliance with our legal obligations.

Where applicable, your consent will be obtained from you at one of the stages of the process of submitting your data or your request to benefit from one of our products or services. For example, your consent will be requested for the collection of your data as part of the registration process for our newsletter in the same way as when you access Batitech websites.

5. How we share and transfer your data

5.1 Sharing your data

Most of the time, your data will not be shared with entities outside of the Batitech company.

In certain circumstances, we cannot avoid sharing your data with other entities, for example if you require products or services that Batitech does not provide directly, but rather through business partners. In such cases, the entities with which we share some of your data are required to use or disclose your data only to carry out the services we request from them.

  • When required, your data may be shared with:
  • Companies affiliated with or subcontracting companies of Batitech;
  • Suppliers of products and services that we use to provide products/services on our behalf;
  • Service providers who render products/services to Batitech necessary in the processes related to the products and services you purchase from us;
  • Authorities and other public entities in accordance with legal requirements.

When selecting our product or service providers, particularly those who provide technological solutions that may process your personal data, we pay particular attention to their level of compliance with privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulations as well as Law 25 of the province of Quebec and their respect for the principles of privacy protection.

5.2 Transferring your data

Batitech is headquartered in Canada. Thus, we will promote the local processing of data by the entity that uses this data.

We take steps to protect the information we collect, including ensuring that all of our subsidiaries/contractors/affiliated companies/business partners comply with Batitech’s Privacy Policy and transferring data only to legitimate business purposes.

6. Your control over your data and your choices regarding the processing of your data

An important part of our privacy philosophy is making sure you are comfortable with what happens with your data. We therefore invite you to contact us if you have any questions or if you want to access, correct or, in some cases, delete your data and if you want to choose how we can use your data, for example by managing the settings regarding the way we communicate with you. We will do our best to respond to your request quickly. Furthermore, you have the right to lodge a complaint with your competent supervisory authority.

7. Retention of your data

We keep your data for the period necessary to achieve the purpose for which the data was collected. This usually means that the data will be retained for as long as we have a business relationship with you and for a certain period thereafter, when required by applicable laws.

If you are not yet a customer of ours but are considering becoming one, the data that we have collected will be destroyed within a reasonable period of time in the event that this commercial relationship does not materialize.

8. Protection of your data

As in all its activities, Batitech uses advanced technologies and solutions in the processing of your data to ensure their protection and integrity. We partner with some of the best service providers in the world and rely on domain experts to implement protection measures, both digital and physical.

However, the best security efforts cannot protect against all risks during data transmission over the Internet and security vulnerabilities may exist. Complete data protection against access by third parties is not possible and we urge you to always exercise caution when transmitting data over the Internet.

9. Updates to the Batitech’ Privacy Policy

We may update Batitech’s Privacy Policy from time to time to adapt it to changes in our business and/or applicable regulations. Updates will be reflected on this page and, if the changes made by an update are significant, we will provide you with more prominent notice of this.

10. What outside of our control

As the production of our products and services may require various partnerships with affiliated companies, subsidiaries or business partners, these suppliers and partners have their own privacy policies and practices.

Although we are meticulous in selecting our suppliers and partners, we cannot accept any responsibility for their privacy policies and practices. Therefore, we invite you to check their privacy policies before submitting data to these entities. The same applies to links we may provide to websites that are not Batitech websites.

11. How to contact us

If you have any questions or comments about Batitech’s Privacy Policy, if you want to access your data or if you want to manage your settings, please contact us in writing at the following address:

Data Protection Officer

Batitech Ltd.
578 Commercial North,
Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac, QC
G0L 1E0

Email: [email protected]

Last updated: September 19, 2023