Master at Home

Our flexible and economical option for self-builders

Are you looking for a flexible and efficient solution to build your own house?

Batitech provides you with easy-to-assemble prefabricated panels, as well as the finishing elements you need to achieve a quality job. You will be able to build your house freely while benefiting from great savings.

Throughout the work, you will benefit from the technical support of our team to assist you in carrying out your project.

Who is this option for?

Do you know how to handle the hammer and do you have the time to manage the construction site? Do you want to select subcontractors yourself? With the Master at home option, you can freely choose the experts who will accompany you. Our team will take care of delivering the prefabricated panels of your house, as well as the material and the boom truck to erect the structure. A supervisor will also be available on site to show you the assembly procedure.

Your vision, our kit, your home

There’s really no limit to the design or size of houses you can build with the Master at Home option. Our manufactured home kit is suitable for virtually any type of residence. If you can’t find your dream home in our plans, you have the option of customizing them or even providing us with your architect’s plans and your sketch!

Be autonomous to build yourself


Factory installation of the structure

Floors, walls and roof

Installation of windows

*Windows are preinstalled in our panels

Exterior finish:

Roof covering, exterior wall covering, gallery, patio

Basic interior finish:

Doors and handles, mouldings and baseboard, gypsum and particle board stairs

Interior finish:

Plaster, paint, flooring, kitchen cabinets and vanity

Air exchanger




Shipped and installed







*Note that excavation, foundation and backfilling work is not provided. Contact our team to find out more.

We support you in your self-construction project

Save time and money

By optimizing the construction time of the house, you can invest your time and money in other works. You will have more leeway to buy a better quality cover, pay subcontractors, or even add your personal touch to the finish of your home.

Top quality manufacturing

Our factory manufacturing methods ensure that the materials are always well protected from the elements, from manufacturing to delivery.

Quotation without surprise

Our advisers tell you all the amounts to be expected. You receive what you signed up for, when you choose and at the agreed price.

Personalized houses

All our plans are customizable and we can build a custom house from your architect's plans or your sketch.

A reliable construction

We work to the highest standards and control the quality of the construction at each stage of the project.

An ecological solution

Prefabrication in the factory generates less waste and reduces the necessary trips to the site.

Launch your project!

Find out how the Master at Home option can help you build the home of your dreams on your own. An effective and economical solution!