Prefabricated commercial buildings construction

Big projects don't scare us!

Are you looking for a new commercial or institutional building? Is your business growing and you’re looking for a reliable solution to build your new home by yourself?

Batitech has the expertise and equipment to support you! Since 2006, our company has been a model of innovation in commercial and institutional factory-built construction in Quebec.

Manufactured buildings : a perfect model for commercial construction

Manufacturing commercial buildings in the factory is an extremely flexible solution for contractors. We can build buildings that precisely follow your architect’s plans, using the materials you need.

The buildings are prefabricated in the factory, in optimal conditions and well protected from the weather. At each stage of manufacturing, tight quality control ensures you get an irreproachable product that perfectly meets the specifics of the project.

With our manufacturing methods that use the latest technological advances in factory-built construction, the commercial buildings we deliver are of unparalleled quality.

The types of commercial buildings we build

Hotel / Motel


Office buildings

Rental cottages

Modular classroom

Shops and other

Sustainable commercial buildings, adapted to our climate

Our versatility in commercial construction is one of our greatest qualities. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and our manufacturing methods, we can build commercial or institutional buildings of all kinds. We have developed high standards in terms of machined constructions, as well as innovative processes specific to the northern climate. Our experience in the field and our expertise ensure that you receive a building worthy of your investment.

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Efficiency without compromise

Your business project, the reliability of Batitech

The construction of a new commercial building is a major investment for all businesses. This type of project is demanding and requires close management of communications and the progress of work with all stakeholders.

This is why Batitech offers you complete strategic and technical support. Our concept of manufacturing components in the factory allows you to build high-quality commercial spaces, while saving time and money compared to construction on a construction site.

We build commercial buildings that meet your needs and meet the highest quality standards. Our rigour, both in the manufacture and assembly of machined modules and in communications, ensures reliable and personalized service throughout the project.

Top quality construction

We use innovative manufacturing methods in the factory and carry out rigorous quality controls throughout the project.

Saving time and money

The optimization of factory manufacturing methods, rapid assembly and the expertise of our team reduce lead times and costs.

Accurate quotation

After discussing your project with you, our advisers tell you all the amounts to be expected for manufacturing, delivery and assembly, depending on the purchase option chosen.

Custom building

We manufacture the building according to your plans, taking into consideration the materials to be used and the vocation of the building.

A reliable construction

At each stage of your project, our team is available, offers you exemplary services and carries out quality work, according to the rules of the art.

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