Our prefab home kit

Are you looking for a simple and effective solution to build your new home? Batitech home kits are prefabricated by a team of experts. All the components of the house, from the floors to the roof, are factory-made. Loading is carefully planned, floor by floor, for fast and efficient assembly on-site.

Everything is wrapped in a waterproof canvas to protect your load.

An innovative prefabricated house model

Batitech has designed a kit that facilitates and accelerates the construction of a new home, while improving the quality and durability of its components. Factory prefabricated panels include the installation of windows and insulation in exceptional conditions, ensuring unparalleled thermal efficiency and tightness.

The Batitech kit

All materials and specific hardware items are included in the shipment. We will send you the loading list of your project a few days before delivery. This way, you can easily see when each item will be delivered.

To find out about the additional tools to be provided on-site on the day of installation, consult the project guide provided by Batitech. Depending on the specifics of your project, other items may be included. These items will be clearly indicated in the loading list that will be sent to you.


1. Siding
2. Wood furring / air barrier / expanded polystyrene
3. Aspenite (OSB)
4. Wood stud
5. Batt insulation
6. Vapour barrier / wood furring
7. Gypsum


8. Asphalt shingles
9. Starting membrane and synthetic membrane
10. Aspenite (OSB)
11. Roof trusses
12. Batt insulation and air deflector
13. Vapour barrier and wood furring
14. Gypsum
15. Starter
16. Fascia and soffits
17. Double plate (2″ x 6″)


18. Plywood and open joists
19. Extruded polystyrene
20. Ledger board (2″ x 12″)

Batitech's prefabricated panel system

In addition to their ease of assembly and their solidity, Batitech’s prefabricated panels offer exceptional insulating qualities. Our panels provide you with unparalleled comfort, in winter and summer, and allow you to make real savings on your energy costs.

Factory installed windows

The windows are installed and sealed at the factory, in a controlled environment that guarantees a superior quality result.

Open beam floors

Floors with prefabricated open joists provide the necessary spaces to pass ventilation, plumbing and electricity.

Flexible polythene type vapour barrier

This type of vapour barrier allows electrical wires to pass more quickly once the walls are assembled.

Pre-cut floor contour strips

Pre-cutting at the factory allows for more effective insulation, as well as faster installation of the floor on the construction site, without the need to make any cuts, since the strips are the right size.

Insulation and thermal bridging

Use of OSB for bracing and rigid exterior insulation to limit thermal bridges.


Flexible options to customize your home

Depending on the options chosen at the time of purchase, it is possible to add finishing elements to your load. You can thus receive the exterior cladding, the roof covering, the interior and exterior finishing elements, as well as the installation of the ventilation, electricity and plumbing systems.

* For Ready-to-Finish option only


Things to plan for your project

Batitech provides you with the materials and labour to manufacture the components of your home and assemble them. Some aspects of the project will need to be planned to complete your home and make the project easier to complete.

The advantages of Batitech prefabricated houses

The prefabrication of components in the factory offers many advantages. It allows for extremely rigorous quality control, since each component is mass-produced in a clean and safe environment. The workers work in the best possible conditions. This allows them to carry out work of unparalleled quality on conventional construction sites.

The components of the house are loaded in such a way as to follow the construction stages of the house. They are even numbered to facilitate their arrangement during installation! And since manufacturing and assembly are faster, you save on the cost of construction. This gives you more flexibility to decorate your new home as you wish.

Thanks to Batitech’s standardized manufacturing processes, you will move into your new home faster!

Quick and simple

Substantial savings

Flexible options to build your home

Personalized plan service

Superior quality

Greener homes

Build it your way

Master at Home

Batitech delivers the prefabricated panels for your home to you at the scheduled time. All you have to do is take care of the rest of the construction.

Site Manager

This option allows you to choose which tasks you will do yourself in order to save money and which you will entrust to the Batitech team.


Leave the job to us and just take care of the finishing! The structure of your house will be quickly erected by our team.

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