Greener and more sustainable homes

Worried about the environmental impact of your new home? This is an increasingly obvious concern. The future of our planet directly depends on all the efforts we make to take care of our environment.

Factory-Built Homes: A Smart Choice for the Environment

Did you know factory-built homes are more environmentally friendly than conventionally built homes?

In addition to the many other advantages that manufactured homes offer, they are much greener than homes built on a construction site and offer impressive energy efficiency.

Our ecological certifications

Batitech is a certified partner of Ecohabitation, an organization that promotes the emergence of eco-responsible and sustainable housing in Quebec.

Waste reduction

Approximately 23% of the waste in our landfills comes from construction and demolition sites. This waste generates an enormous amount of pollution and greatly mortgages the future of our environment.

By prefabricating the components of a house in the factory and using avant-garde construction methods, Batitech reduces the waste generated by the construction of a new house by nearly 25%.

By manufacturing the houses in the factory, we also recycle a large amount of materials that would be destined for landfills on a conventional construction site.

Faster, higher quality construction

Even under the best conditions, building a house can take months (sometimes up to an entire year). = It involves the movement of trucks and machinery that causes pollution and damage to the environment.

By prefabricating the houses in the factory, Batitech completes projects in a few weeks. The structure can sometimes even be erected in a single day!

Since most components are built and assembled at the factory, construction is not slowed down by the weather. Everything is made in a clean environment.

Better energy efficiency

Heating is one of the largest energy costs in Quebec. In both winter and summer, home insulation is a huge help to households in reducing their electricity bill.

The standardization of factory construction processes makes it possible to manufacture components with unparalleled precision. By doing so, there is less heat loss in winter and the temperature remains cooler inside in summer.

Since our manufactured homes are built from top-quality materials, the durability of your investment adds to those savings.

Better building for better living

Building houses more efficiently, reducing waste and improving the quality of buildings: that’s building better to live better.

With Batitech, your house is built with respect for the environment, while offering you the best on the market.

For us, innovation does not stop at improving our methods. It also aims to best preserve the environment that we will leave to future generations, one house at a time.

Build it your way

Master at Home

Batitech delivers the prefabricated panels for your home to you at the scheduled time. All you have to do is take care of the rest of the construction.

Site Manager

This option allows you to choose which tasks you will do yourself in order to save money and which you will entrust to the Batitech team.


Leave the job to us and just take care of the finishing! The structure of your house will be quickly erected by our team.

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