Ready to finish

Our option to simplify the construction of your new home

What if building your home could be more efficient, more sustainable and greener? Entrust us with the management and assembly of your project! All you have to do is bring your touch of originality to your new home.

Our houses are prefabricated in the factory, in optimal conditions that guarantee a result of the highest quality. Thanks to our equipment and the expertise of our workers, your house will be built faster, at a lower cost and in a more ecological way than with conventional construction methods.

Who is this option for?

Ready-to-finish homes are ideal for people looking for a flexible way to build. Major work, such as component manufacturing, structure, insulation, plumbing and electricity, is handled by our team. You thus obtain a solid house, with formidable energy efficiency and perfectly adapted to the climate of Quebec (warm in winter, cool in summer). What’s more, thanks to the productivity and excellence of our team, our houses are quickly installed. This gives you the opportunity to personalize your new home and move in quickly, without having to live on a construction site.

Your vision, our kit, your home

The Batitech Manufactured Home Kit is suitable for any project. No matter what style or size you are looking for, you will find models adapted to your situation in our catalogue. Some of the models are also exclusive to Batitech! And if you can’t find the perfect model, you can customize it to your liking or provide us with your architect’s plans or your sketch. Our team takes care of prefabricating the panels of your house in the factory, delivering them at the agreed time and assembling everything on site!

A reliable team to build your ready-to-finish house


Factory installation of the structure

Floors, walls and roof

Installation of windows

*Windows are preinstalled in our panels

Exterior finish:

Roof covering, exterior wall covering, gallery, patio

Basic interior finish:

Doors and handles, mouldings and baseboard, gypsum and particle board stairs

Interior finish:

Plaster, paint, flooring, kitchen cabinets and vanity

Air exchanger



Manage yourself

*Note that excavation, foundation and backfilling work is not provided. Contact our team to find out more.

A Ready-to-finish project, without compromise

Simplify the construction of your house

No logistics to manage, no supply worries. With Batitech, the construction of your house is reassuringly efficient! We oversee every step of your project, from manufacturing the kit at the factory to the final touches. Throughout the work, our team is available to assist you, advise you and answer your questions.

Top quality manufacturing

Our factory manufacturing methods ensure that the materials are always well protected from the elements, from manufacturing to delivery.

Quotation without surprise

Our advisers tell you all the amounts to be expected. You receive what you signed up for, when you choose and at the agreed price.

Personalized houses

All our plans are customizable and we can build a custom house from your architect's plans or your sketch.

A reliable construction

We work to the highest standards and control the quality of the construction at each stage of the project.

An ecological solution

Prefabrication in the factory generates less waste and reduces the necessary trips to the site.

Launch your project!

Find out how the Ready-to-finish option can help you build the home of your dreams more simply and efficiently.