Prefabricated chalet kit

Build your new chalet more efficiently

Do you dream of a comfortable chalet to get away from it all?

Batitech builds prefabricated chalets, adapted to the Quebec climate. Our catalogue contains more than 30 models of chalets that can be personalized according to your tastes and needs. With us, cottage living is more accessible than you think!

Modern and comfortable quality chalets

Thanks to our innovative manufacturing methods in the factory, we produce superior quality panels. Since the work is mostly done in the factory, the materials are always well protected from the weather and our workers work in optimal conditions.

Our concept allows you to save money that you can invest in the finishing and personalization of your new chalet.


Thanks to the expertise of our team, you reduce manufacturing times and the time spent on site.


Optimize construction times with our prefabricated kit. Depending on the purchase option chosen, you only have to do the finishing work before moving in.


Factory prefabrication reduces waste by up to 25%. Our chalets are well insulated, comfortable and highly energy efficient.


The construction of a chalet in the factory simplifies and optimizes the realization of your project while ensuring superior construction quality.

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We deliver chalets in kit everywhere in Quebec

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Flexible options to build the dream chalet

Choose one of the building options that best suits your situation.

Master at Home

We take care of the heavy work at the factory and prefabricate the panels for your chalet, according to the chosen plan. We then deliver the material and heavy equipment to you so that you can carry out the assembly and finishing work.

Site Manager

Delegate part of the work to our team! We supply the prefabricated panels and we accompany you in the construction of your new chalet. By managing part of the work, you save money and can choose the subcontractors with whom you would like to work.


Looking for a solution to simplify the construction of your chalet? We take care of the prefabrication, delivery and assembly of the structure. All you have to do is prepare the ground and take care of the finishing work!

A reliable team to build your home

Since 2006, we have been innovating in machined construction and constantly improving our methods. We use modern equipment and a proven manufacturing process to build solid, modern and comfortable chalets that you will look forward to moving into.


Our team respects its commitments and makes every effort to exceed the expectations of our customers thanks to its personalized support.


We offer solutions adapted to the expectations and budgets of each client.


At Batitech, we are dedicated to constantly improving and evolving our methods of prefabricating chalets in the factory.

Your vision, our kit, your chalet

Our prefabricated panels are suitable for all projects. No matter what style of cottage you have in mind, you will find models adapted to your situation in our catalogue. Would you like to customize them or work from your architect’s plans? Our team will take care of everything to deliver custom panels for your project.

Launch your project!

You are searching for the chalet of your dreams?

Contact our team to launch your project and request a quote!

Lets build your dream chalet.