New construction : what is the best option for building your house?

Do you sometimes dream of building your own house? To build your home and decorate each room with your personnal taste? By choosing a prefabricated house, this can become a reality for many future owners. 

But not everyone has the same skills, time or knowledge to build a house from A to Z. Even if the panels arrive prefabricated on the site, you need to know how to assemble them”

To support construction projects for as many people as possible, Batitech offers three options for building your manufactured home. Each option takes into consideration your comfort level witch such a project and the time you have to complete it.

How to choose the option that suits you best?

The savings possible by option for self-construction are advantageous. But they assume that you will be able to manage yourself or that you will hire someone to do the work.

At Batitech, we believe that the best option is the one that suits you best. We will always take the time to discuss the different options available to help you make the best choice.

This is why this article presents to you, in complete transparency, the advantages and challenges of each construction option offered by Batitech. You will find clear explanations to get your construction project off to a good start!

Who are our manufactured home options for?

Remember that beyond the three purchasing options, you will always be in control of the final product. After all, the biggest advantage of a new prefabricated home is that it is sure to suit your specific needs.

With its powerful, foolproof panels, previously designed in the best conditions in our factory, your future custom home just needs to be assembled.

With the flexibility of our construction options, our manufactured homes are perfect for :

  • First time buyers who wants to save
  • Dreamers with a specific vision for the design of their new home
  • Families for whom no house on the market is suitable
  • Passionate people who want to finish their home with their own interior designer
  • Busy entrepreneurs looking for a quick solution to bring several project to term
  • Buyers who already have renovation experience and are looking for an effective solution for building a new home

The customers who benefit more from a system like ours brings together people who already have a minimum of experience in renovation or construction and who, aware of the work on a traditional site, are looking to simplify their lives.

If you have built a new home in the past, you will find that our plans will save you time, energy and money. We reduce your workload by optimizing a significant part of the construction stages.

You won’t have to calculate materials, measure plywood panels, install insulation or cut out windows. All these steps are carried out in the factory by our team of professionals.

You benefit from peace of mind by being able to count on the consistency and total comptability of our components.

You simply have to make sure, from the start, that you are able to invest the time it will take to assemble the panels on site.

Our team will obviously help you assess the working time required for each option. Ultimately, our goal is to offer you the solution that meets exactly what you need to complete your project.

What is the best option for building your own house?

Each construction option offered by Batitech offers benefits. In addition to being able to quicky take possession of your home like turnkey homes, you will have the chance to get involved in your project. The end result is always what you are looking for.

Our options essentially lead you to choose whether you want help assembling the panels on site or whether you prefer to take care of this work yourself:

  1. Ready-to-finish : for flexible takeover
  2. Site manager : for moderate assistance
  3. Master-at-home : for total autonomy

To find out if the purchase option is available in your area, contact our team!


If you have a clear idea of the desired result, but little time to chieve it, the Ready-to-finish purchasing option is the one for you.

This is the closest you can get to a turnkey home, except that you can be involved in every step of the construction project.

As for manual work, you will mainly be involved in tasks that are essentially more creative and personal. You will have the chance to make your living environment your own work and your choices regarding paint, flooring, cabinets, and so on.


  • Our incredibly fast timeline
  • Your influence at the final stage of decoration
  • A substantial saving of time and energy

The Batitech team assembles the structure until it is completely waterproof, ensuring the efficient execution of each step. In just a few weeks, everything is in place so you can finish the house as you like.

To consider

  • With this option, you invest money to save time.
  • The interior finish is at your discretion. 
  • You must provide the land and foundations for our team to erect the structure.

Since most of the logistics of the work are the responsibility of the expert Batitech team, this is the most expensive option. However, it assures you of exceptional construction quality and total peace of mind.

Even considering the additional investment to entrust the construction to our team, this formula remains more accessible than the purchase of a conventional new house.

Site manager

The Site Manager purchase option requires your participation, without the completion depending entirely on you. If you want to participate in the work to save a little money while counting on us to save time, this is the ideal compromise.

The goal with this option is to offer you the flexibility you need so that the entire project does not rest entirely on your shoulders.

Your part of the work concerns the following elements, supplied and delivered by Batitech: doors, handles, moldings and woodwork, gypsum and stairs. Depending on your needs, you can involve the professionals of your choice to carry out the final work or take charge of complete management.


  • Save money by undertaking certain tasks yourself
  • Delegation of major works to the expert Batitech team
  • Full customization of interior design and exterior finishes

By the time you get involved, the structure will already be assembled, complete with its roof, its walls, the gallery and the patio if you want.

To consider

  • You are responsible for a part of the work (determined at the signature of the contract).
  • You take care of the finishing.
  • You must provide the land and foundations before the panels are delivered.
  • You manage communications with the electrician, plumber, subcontractors (ventilation, plaster, paint, cabinets, and flooring) and other professionals involved.

With the Site Manager option, our team assists you in the construction of the house. ou are the boss!

If you already have experience in construction or renovation, want to get involved in the work and are looking to save some money, this is the perfect option for you.

Master at home

The Master at home purchase option puts you at the center of the action. It allows you to save big on the purchase of the house by saving on labor. We deliver the panels and you assemble them.

But be careful: being in charge does not mean moving forward alone!

You can handle a hammer and certainly carry out each mission with thyling colors, but Batitech is always available to assist you. Whether for a question, advice or a request for assistance, you can always rely on us.

Enjoy your independence while having the assurance that we are always available to answer your questions!


  • Unbeatable savings on home purchasing
  • Absolute autonomy on the construction site
  • Choice of partners and subcontractors

The Master at home option gives you almost total control over the job site. You are free to establish deadlines with your contractors and subcontractors. You will have the opportunity to communicate with the professionals of your choice for plumbing, electricity and ventilation.

To consider

  • Demand for knowledge and experience in construction
  • Requires a lot of time to manage the site and coordinate the work, partners and subcontractors
  • Requires comparing bids from partners and subcontractors

If you don’t already have industry contacts, the responsibility of finding professionals to do business with can be a daunting challenge. You will need to find the reliable services of several certified specialists for plumbing, electricity, ventilation system and finishing.

The options may not be recommended if you have no experience. The expense of hiring contractors will quickly outweigh the savings on the initial purchase.

However, it is the ideal option for passionate builders who want to build their home independently and efficiently, at a good price.

What questions should we ask ourselves before going on self-construction?

Before choosing one of the options, you should ask yourself 3 simple questions:

  • Do you have time?
  • Do you have the knowledge?
  • Do you have the energy?

Do you have time?

Between the daily routine, work and family life, including this precious rest that we sometimes forget, will you really have time to build your nouse?

Most major work is done in advance, at the factory. But depending on the purchase option chosen, you will need to allow time in the scehdule! The key to your success lies in a realistic organization and a respected roadmap.

Because even if you have experience, managing communications with professionals, assembling panels, inspecting the structure and checking the quality of each stage of the project takes time.

Do you have the knowledge?

We make the process of building a house more accessible for as many people as possible. But our products are still aimed at DIY enthusiasts who have some experience in the construction field.

This knowledge related to the building field will be very useful to you when we provide you with the panels and detailed documentation to assemble the house. You must be able to understand construction plans and use the hammer to assemble the different components of the structure.

If you have neither the experience nor the comfort required to use tools, the Ready-toFinish option is probably the best option for your project.

Do you have the energy?

It’s a fact: prefabricated panels make assembling a home easier than ever.

That being said, building your own house is not an easy job, no matter the method!

Between daily responsibilities, family life, hobbies and projects, do you still have energy to invest in building a house? Do certain tasks seem unachievable to you?

Find the option that suits you with Batitech

Our construction options give a lot of flexibility in building your home. To choose the best option, simply talk to our team about your project.

Talking with our advisors is the safest way to determine which option is best for you to build your home. You will quickly be able to determine the level of involvement that is most realistic for you. We will help you fully understand the time and money savings associated with each construction option.

Contact our team to learn more about the different options available!