In this article, we will look together at the average price of prefabricated panel homes as well as the factors that cause the bill to grow higher. You will also learn more about the durability and longevity of Batitech houses and discover the advantages of this construction type, including fast installation, savings and respect for the environment.

How much does a factory prefabricated house cost in Quebec?

It is certain that a manufactured home is an opportunity to save money, but up to what point ?

To give you an idea, the average cost of our single-family homes is around $ 150 000 with the Master at Home option, ranging from the charming Canadian-style model with three bedrooms starting at $ 100 000, up to the impressive 2740 square foot urban style model starting at $ 350 000.

Building a new house from A to Z – from architect’s drawing up to placing the mailbox – could double or triple these prices.

The beauty of a manufactured home is that you know exactly how much to expect from Batitech. No suprises, and no extension. We will sit down with you to establish the exact figure. We see nothing approximate and the budget is respected, at all costs.

Some items are not included with our manufactured homes are excavation, foundation, backfill, cabinets, flooring, plaster, paint and light fixtures.

There are other fees to be expected when buying a manufactured home that comes from external factors : notary fees, land acquisition and welcome tax, city permit, soil and water tests, various connections, finishes, taxes. We will be happy to advise you on this matter.

What is a manufactured home ?

It’s a house made up of factory prefabricated panels, ready to assemble by yourself or with the help of a builder. These panels are manufactured using an extremly rapid, accessible and efficient method which reduces the environmental impact and costs normally generated by construction of this scale on a conventional site.

What makes the price of a factory-built home vary ?

Several options influence the final cost, giving you the freedom to choose where to invest, where to save, according to your budget and schedule.

You simply need to choose from Batitech the model that suits you best and your level of involvement for the assembly.

To choose the ideal model that will meet your needs, you will need to take into account : style, size, number of floors, bedrooms, bathrooms, with or without a garage, specifications of the municipality in relation to the land, and so on. Ouf catalog contains a wide variety of models that you can even customize.

As for how involved you are in assembly, the more you do, the more you save !

Would you prefer to receive a helping hand ? You are free to entrust us with part of the worf and take care of the rest. You can also delegate the majority of the tasks to our team, which has an AA rating from the Quebec Residential Construction Guarantee.

Do you feel ready to carry out the work ? You can take the installation on your side by using the self-construction guide provided when the panels are delivered. These are also numbered and accompanied by the required hardware parts.

For more information on the three purchasing options that influence the cost of our manufactured homes, consult this detailed sheet.

How long does a manufactured home last ?

A prefabricated building is as durable as a traditional building. Factory manufactoring and numerous quality controls result in a more durable building, manufactured sheltered from bad weather ina  dry place.

By following a short list of preventative and corrective maintenance tasks over decades, its life expectancy can be extended before requiring significant structural work.

Since in our time the quality standards of buildings are identical, regardless of the technique used, our panel constructions are as solid as traditional constructions. What’s more, our team ensures that the transport of the house structure is safe and that the panels arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Duration of construction

How long does it take to install a manufactured home ?

We often hear about the complications that can arise during the development of a typical residence, but the manufactured home is the exception !

Depending on the purchase option chosen, Batitech can complete your project in just a few weeks. In some contexts, the structure can even ben erected in a single day. Nothing to do with industry standards, where it is not uncommon to be faced with the delays of several months, or even a full year.

Additionally, the machined and accelerated construction of our kit comes with a guarantee of total safety and durability.

We remove any uncertainy from the equation with our remarkably precise cut panels. They leave the warehouse already equipped with windows and insulation.

This faster assembly represents a significant saving in labor, giving you more time for the inspiring part ! You can devote yourself to the finishing, decoration, layout and the thousand details that will transform your house into a real home !


In short term, building a kit house is considerably more economical. It is in no way subject to financial unforseen circumstances and the process prevents the presence of calculation errors.

On the manufacturer’s side, our well-defined range is distinguished by its consistent production quality and standardized manufacturing methods. This allors savings from our own material suppliers, from which you will benefit directly.

In the long term, you will also see another benefit that will please your wallet. Our manufactured homes have exemplary insulation, therefore good energy efficiency which translates into lower heating bills, never compromisings your comfort during the harsh Quebec winters. A proof that is as economical as it is ecological.

Respect of the environment

More and more of us are concerned about the future of the planet, globally, but also locally, whether it is taking care of our own flowers or preserving neighboring waterways.

A manufactured home is generally greener than conventional construction. In addition to its thermal efficiency which reduces the use of electricity, a Batitech house helps minimize its environmental impact.

Nearly a quarter of Canadian landfills are fed by construction and demolition sites, not to mention that a construction site can be subject to accidental spills of debris and residue, contaminating the land where you reside.

Our cutting-edge technologies accomplish a relentless recycling mission for all excess materials, equating to 25% less waste for a new home.

Batitech components are designed and manufactured in Quebec, ensuring minimal travel and a rigorous look at the assembly line.

A manufactured home with personality

Let’s be honest, beyond the financial, logistical and ecological advantages, the idea of a prefabricated house can evoke images of neutral neighborhoods, boring blocks, structures without personality. We are far from such a scene.

Our plans are anything but restrictive, drawn by experts and tested again and again by happy, already well-established families.

These templates that we are so proud of will become the dream canvas to give you no limit to your inspiration.

Each plan is customizable according to your needs. We can even create a unique plan based on your own sketches.

Take a moment to browse through our vast range of houses. Wheter you are looking for a single-story or two-story residence model, a garage topped with a loft, a chalet, a duplex for semi-detached addresses or a multi-generational house, we can bet that your future home is in the mix !

Let us know as soon as you come across your favorite plan. We will hekp you find the house that will make your dream of becoming an owner come true, while respecting your tastes and your budget.