In this article, we will demystify the various issues associated with self-construction, as well as the problems that can arise and their simple solutions. You will know exactly what to expect, and above all, where to start !

Self-build : 6 things to know before building your own house

Build a house yourself ? It’s a dream that many cherish. However, we ofter imagine that only expert entrepreneurs can one day manage to erect a beautiful, brand new structure. But who says you have to build it from scratch ?

Our prefabricated panel system allows you to easily and independently assemble the structure of your self-built house.

While some of our customers prefer to see the efficient Batitech team take care of it, our clear and concise instruction manuals motivate many buyers to assemble their home independently.

We call this attractive perspective “self-construction”.  With a reasonable amount of time and some handy work, building your own house is within your reach ! Both from an economic point of a view and from an organizational point of view, building your house is much more accessible than you think.

With Batitech models, you can simplify the construction of your dream house.

1) What is self-construction ?

With our manufactured home models, no need to cur, no need to measure. You don’t even need to count… well, barely !

Our “Site Manager” and “Ready to Finish” packages relieve you of manual tasks or free you from DIY if you wish. Please note, however, that by reserving part of your schedule and your enthusiasm for your project, our “Master at home” purchasing option will be the most financally advantageous. You will carry out the work at your own pace.

Self-construction of a Batitech structure requires only one thing on your part : to assemble the panels that we have already provided with windows and insulation beforehand. All you have to do is fit these panels together in the right direction.

Again, nothing is left to chance. Each piece is clearly numbered and you just have to follow the instructions to build the whole thing.

All that’s left to do is choose your decorations and let your wildest design ideas flow !

2) Does your dream home already exist ?

Building the house of your dreams from our models is entirely possible. It is precisely for this reason that the Batitech team offers you a “tailor-made” option to build your ideal home. Let yourself be inspired by our catalog presenting more than 125 models, which you can modify according to the desired criteria : price, surface area, style, nomber of floors, garages, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Use our search tool to help you select the type of home that will best suit your family’s present and future needs.

To be clear, our advisors are available to answer all your questions.

3) What are the advantages of self-construction ?


Because the main parts of the house are manufactured in a factory, Batitech manages to assemble floors, walls and roof much more quickly than if the house were built on a conventional site. It is possible to build your house in a few weeks, even if you opt for self-construction.


In addition to costing less, a self-built house has fewer surprises for your wallet! You don’t have to fear long bills that climb up to the attic or deadlines that keep getting pushed back. It’s pratically set in stone! There will be no sudden increase in costs relating to the structure nor any delay in the delivery of materials. Your advisor will send you a table assessing the external expenses to be expected : land, connection, and so on. Since the beginnings of Batitech, our priority has been to protect you against the unexpected.


Are you someone skilled enough to use tools and do you have some knowledge in construction ? Even if a minimum of expertise is necessary to self-build your Batitech house, it is much simpler than a conventional construction project. The panels are manufactured to be simple to assemble once on your job site.


Note that certain elements of your home must be set up by certified professionals, including plumbers and electricians. Their job is made easier, however, because our prefabricated panels are designed to pass the necessay wires and pipes without worry. If you didn’t get the chance to meet specialists in whom you fully trust, let us know. We will recommend some first-class partners to you.

Material quality

Prefabricating houses in a factory allows you to keep the materials well protected from the elements, but also to manufactured them in a fully controlled environment. Thanks to our standardized manufacturing methods, we ensure exceptional quality in each of our homes. Our team ensures that quality standards are followed at each stage of manufacturing. The panels are also inspected before placed on the delivery truck. When you receive the prefabricated panels on your site, you receive the materials to build your house without the slightest worry.

4) Is a self-built house more fragile ?

The manufactured house that you will assemble is as strong as a traditional house, if not stronger. Its solidity is guaranteed by the meticulous delivery of the structure directly to the construction site.

The modular aspect of our models ensures a tight, stable, flawless assembly. Our panels are also fully insulated. They meet the criteria of the most uncompromising inspections.

5) Where to find help for self-construction ?

Beyond the savings and total control that self-construction gives you, we will assist you.

From the start, you will have the ressources to surround yourself and build better with confidence.

Our technical support is just a phone call away when you have any doubts.

When we deliver the panels to your site, we check together that your order is correctly distributed. We take this opportunity to advise you and explain the order of assembly.

6) Where to start when building your own house ?

Here is a summary of the procedure to follow with Batitech, from the first steps to the last mile to go.

  • Join us first by phoe or email to discuss your project and to meet the friendly team who will support you during your project.
  • Choose your basic house model.
  • Select the “Master at home” option to save.
  • Receive the online quote including specific criteria.
  • Plan your delivery date, so you never get buried under work.
  • Prepare your excavation, your foundation, your backfill so that everything is ready for our arrival.
  • Install your structure, according to our assembly plan, with the help of our installation supervisor on the day of delivery of your project.
  • Hire the specialists of your choice for plumbing and electrical work.
  • Tackle the finishing (plaster, paint, floor covering, ..).
  • Unpack your boxes, it’s time to move in !

By reminding you that at each of these stages, we are here to listen to you.

Write or call us to obtain your first quote.