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Why choose Batitech?



rigueur batitechPrecision and performance

Beyond the high quality standards Batitech is commited to fulfill, we build durable and eco-friendly residences adapted to you style of life.

Our unique construction techniques, coupled with our high performance isulating system lets you optimize your investment.



accompagnement batitechCustomized support is available throughout the project

Batitech will help you all the way to the end of your building project. Even when the project is over, our customer service will make sure you're entirely satisfied. You're a self-builder? You'll get support from our tech team while installing your pre-built house. A Batitech foreman will be there, just for you.



flexibilite batitechAn outstanding flexibility

Whether your home is drawn on a napkin, you already have plans from a professional or you choose among from the 1,100 plans available on our website, we will build your manufactured house according to your needs and expectations. We adapt and modify all the plans to make your ideas come true.



rapidite batitechQUICK work ON SITE

The work is mostly done at the factory, allowing great efficiency and speed of execution on the site. During installation, your house is covered and protected from the weather. The installation will be done in less than a week. Plus, during transport, your project is covered with a canvas to protect it.



qualite batitechthe highest quality standards

At each step of your project, our concern for quality control protects you. From the design of the plans, to the factory work, to end with the final inspection, we ensure that everything is in order. A quality product is ensured by our strict manufacture monitoring.


ecologique batitechIt's eco-friendly!

In an environmental concern, the manufactured building generates about 25% less scrap than a conventional construction.



estimation batitechFree and fair estimate, no surprises

When you sign the estimate presented to you, you have the assurance of a fair price, as discussed with your advisor and without surprise!



our standards    QAICSAapchq batitechgcr batitechD3105 Sceau CoteAA 2019 111

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